Is your direct mail campaign suffering? (This could be what’s missing)

Improving Your Direct Mail Campaign


The goal of a direct mail campaign is usually to connect with new and existing customers.

Business owners and professionals use direct mail to inform customers of their products and services and how they can help benefit them and their lives.

Unfortunately, having an amazing product or service just isn’t enough.

One of the hurdles business owners and professionals have to master when it comes to their direct mail campaign, involves their prospects doing one simple thing – opening their envelopes.

When these envelopes aren’t opened and the direct mail isn’t read, clients miss out on important information.

This can lead to low responses which then can contribute to a direct mail campaign suffering.

If your direct mail campaign is one that is not showing any positive results, keep reading to see what your campaign may be missing and how you can easily fix it.

Your Direct Mail Campaign Doesn’t Focus On Personalization

If you are not utilizing personalization services in your direct mail campaign, you are missing out on a simple yet effective way to communicate with clients.

Personalizing direct mail such as letters and envelopes can set your brand apart from competitors.

Clients like to feel as if you are creating mail solely for them. It’s important that their loyalty to your brand is rewarded, and one of the ways you can ensure this is by personalizing your direct mail.

How can you implement personalization into your direct mail campaign? By using personalized handwritten services such as hand addressed envelopes and letters.

As discussed in a previous blog post, personalized mail adds a human touch to your campaign.

The reason it is preferred is, because of the personal nature and perception that comes with personalized mail. Keep in mind that most mail is not handwritten so yours will be the most memorable.

And if your campaign doesn’t have a focus on personalization, it is probably not doing this next important thing.

Your Direct Mail Does Not Stand Out From The Rest of Your Recipient’s Mail

It is key now more than ever to guarantee that your direct mail is standing out in a pile of mail.

The mail sorting process at home is quick for the average customer. If your direct mail does not encourage them to stop and read what it is you have sent, your mail is probably ending up in their junk mail pile.

This may be what is contributing to your direct mail campaign suffering.

The good news is that this is an easy fix!

Since the envelope will be the first thing the recipient will see, your envelope must grab their attention in a good way. By simply having handwritten letters on a blank envelope will strike your client’s interest and will encourage them to further seek out what it is you have sent them.

This will lead to them opening your communication, reading your direct mail, and acting on your call to action.

Some ways you can personalize your envelope is by:

• Addressing your recipient by their first and last name
• Having your envelope hand addressed
• Using a sticky note to let them know what may be inside the envelope and
• Steering clear of distracting bold colors and fonts

These are just a few examples of what may be missing from your direct mail campaign if in the event you are not seeing the results your product or service deserves.

By simply personalizing your direct mail, you could see a positive turnaround in your campaign that can lead to an increase in open and response rates.

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