Creative direct mail marketing ideas to increase open and response rates

Unlike email marketing, direct mail marketing still provides companies with an opportunity to engage the customer with an actual extension of your company. It has become tricky however because the consumer is ever evolving and becoming more and more immune to ads. Having said this, companies focus their efforts to find creative direct marketing ideas for their brand or a product.

Increasing your direct mail open rate doesn’t have to be a headache. Small business owners can greatly benefit from the following:

creative direct mail marketing ideas

Become personal: some business owners understand the importance of giving personal attention to their customers, however many do not follow up on their leads, resulting in loss of potential clients and revenue.

Use handwritten letter service to follow up:

If you have already established a personal relationship with your clients then the next step is to be able to follow up. Use handwritten letters to follow up with the most important clients. A handwritten letter says a lot. First of all people are not desintisized to handwritten letters, everyone opens an envelope that was handwritten with a real stamp attached. As a society, today we lack personal attention. You feel special when someone took the time off to write you a personal letter and not a generic print out from the internet. This leaves a mental note of the recipient.


So remember key points when using handwritten letters in your creative direct mail marketing strategy:


1. Hand address the envelope. It is best to have both address and return address handwritten.

2. Affix a stamp, but don’t be neat about it. We found that a stamp that is a bit off or crooked generates higher open rate. The client sees that this envelope was not processed by a machine but in fact handled by a real person.

3. Hand written signature. If you sending a typed letter, clients are more likely to read if someone signed it, especially if your signature is not a stamped.

4. Be clear but brief. No one has time to sit and read a long marketing pitch. define your goal with your message then add quick intro, description and closing is perfect, be polite (clients like to feel respected).

We understand that not every business owner can sit down and write letters, there are other tons of duties that need to be completed. Following up with this creative direct mail marketing idea when you have hundreds of clients can be overwhelming. You can use Letter Friend a handwritten letter service which provides a range of different options when it comes to your direct mail marketing needs.


Letter Friend is a handwritten letter service specializing in direct mail marketing. Need of a hand to add a personal touch to your direct mail marketing? Email us at info @ we are NJ based.

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