Creative mailing services – why clients don’t toss personalized envelopes

How creative mailing services will help get your envelopes opened

creative mailing services and direct mail envelopes


Creative mailing services are becoming more vital to business owners as their customers are bombarded daily with mail competing for their attention. Did you know that last year alone, the United States Postal Service’s total mail volume totaled 158.4 billion? 80 billion of that was advertising mail.

With those numbers, it is clear how important it is for your direct mail to instantly grab your prospect’s attention – but how can you do this?

Your direct mail marketing campaign is important as it allows you to connect with new and existing clients.

The best way to help ensure that your mail gets read and not tossed in the trash, is by utilizing creative mailing services and more specifically personalized handwritten envelopes.

How Creative Mailing Services Are Helping Business Owners and Professionals Connect with Clients

In order to understand your customer, you have to put yourself in their shoes.

With that in mind, visualize what a typical day retrieving your mail is like.

Once you have returned from your mailbox with your mail in hand, you more than likely create two mail piles either mentally, literally or both.

The first pile will be for the mail that gets opened and read and the other will be for the mail that gets tossed out.

Many factors play into your decision to place your mail in either one of the piles and that decision is usually based on the envelope the mail comes in.

Business owners and professionals in charge of marketing campaigns are familiar with this scenario. Because of this, they are employing the help of creative mailing services and personalizing their direct mail envelopes to assist with their marketing campaigns.

Why do personalized handwritten envelopes work?

Personalized handwritten envelopes, as you may have guessed, looks like personal mail that would come from someone the recipient would know.

When a recipient receives your direct mail that is placed in a personalized handwritten envelope, they instantly empathize with the time and effort taken to create that piece of mail.

After all, hand addressing anything today where the majority of mail items are typed with fonts, is rare and therefore appreciated.

This brings us to the next reason why creative mailing services like personalized handwritten envelopes is preferred by business owners and professionals.

Personalized Handwritten Envelopes Receive High Open Rates

Your direct mail may be important, but the outside presence of the envelope it comes in is even more significant.

There’s a chance that the product or service you are offering your prospect will be ignored if they can’t get past the envelope’s outer appearance.

When you utilize creative mailing services, you are taking the necessary step to getting past the negative assumptions your prospect feels when they receive typed mailings and in this case, envelopes.

Business owners and professionals like yourself understand that there is a value in your product or service.

Doing everything you can to make sure that your message is received is top priority.

The best way to do that is through creative mailing services and by sending your direct mail using personalized handwritten envelopes.
The overall goal is for your customers to read your message and benefit from your product or service.

Personalized handwritten envelopes will help you do just that by calming any initial negative perceptions your prospect may have about your direct mail. This will allow them to be more receptive to your message by simply opening your envelope.

Letter Friend offers great creative mailing services including hand addressed personalized envelopes.

Let us help you jumpstart your direct mail marketing campaign. All you have to do is fill out our Custom Quote and we will work directly with you today.

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