Creative direct mail marketing and 4 easy ways to include it in your next campaign

Creative Direct Mail Marketing


With so many companies competing for the attention of customers, sticking out from the competition is more important than ever. That’s why it’s key to invest in creative direct mail marketing.

There are easy ways you can jazz up your campaign to target your audience.

Here are four examples of creative direct mail marketing that you can use in your next campaign.

Say Thank You with a Gift

Customers appreciate gratitude more than feeling like they are being sold something.

This is the reason sending a thank you note or free gift is so effective when marketing products to customers.

Sending gifts is a creative way to market your brand because it often leads to word-of-mouth.

Your gift can be a sample of one of your products or an item with your brand labeled on it like a pen or notepad.

Be sure to include a handwritten thank you note with your gift letting the recipient know why they are receiving it and how grateful you are for their business.

Ask for Referrals via Letter

Referrals are great because it takes the hassle out of finding your target as this will have them come to you.

Plus, customers who are referred by other customers are more likely to develop customer loyalty sooner than they would have if they were to find your brand on their own.

When asking for referrals, do so in a handwritten letter following a purchase.

These types of letters should be sent to long term customers and should include a personalized card where they can write down who they are referring. Also include a pre-stamped envelope that they can use to easily mail the card back to you.

Use Handwritten Teaser Copy on Envelopes

Get creative with your direct mail marketing by including handwritten teaser copy on either the front or back of your envelope.

Teaser copy gives your recipient a hint about what is waiting for them inside of your mail.

It can say anything from “free offer inside” to “free samples.” Your copy shouldn’t be misleading and should be enough to rouse curiosity in your recipient.

To give it more appeal, include the recipient’s name in the teaser.

Doing this will grab their attention and encourage them to open your mail now instead of set it aside for later.

Include something Useful in your Mailer

Including something useful in your mailer is an effective creative direct mail marketing idea.

You want your recipient to view your mail as something useful because it has a less chance of being trashed.

One way you can make it useful is by including a mini-calendar that already has the dates circled for events or sales your company will have.

Branded items like notepads, pens, paper clips, and sticky notes can make great inclusions for useful items that will keep your company fresh in your customer’s mind.

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