Creative direct mail ideas you can use now to strengthen customer loyalty

Why you will Benefit from using Creative Direct Mail Ideas in your next Campaign


Mail recipients are bombarded with thousands of messages a day, and they only remember just a handful of them. The messages they remember are usually from companies that include creative direct mail ideas in their campaigns.

While many think that print direct mail is outdated, it is in fact alive and thriving even in the age of social media and email marketing. In fact, studies have proven that one of the most effective ways to strengthen customer loyalty is through print direct mail.

Are you looking for ways to include creative direct mail ideas in your next campaign? Keep reading for suggestions that you can start using today.

Envelope Design & Contents

The envelope is the first thing your client sees, so it’s important to make a positive first impression with this. The objective is to get your client to open your mail the moment they retrieve it from their mailbox or at the very least soon after. Handwrite teaser copy on the outside of your envelope to get your recipients attention. The copy can simply let them know there are free samples of your product included inside or about an offer for a free service trial. Additionally, include a stamp on the face of the envelope as this will increase the chances of your mail getting opened. If your envelope has a stamp, it will look like it came from an actual person rather than a machine that uses metered imprint.

Use Yellow Sticky Notes to Include Company Facts

Customers will only see the value in your product if it helps solve a problem or offers a benefit that will make their lives better. Statistics and facts are a great way to show how your product or service is relevant to their lives and why they need it. Include facts either about your company or an issue that your product or service fixes, and put this information on a yellow sticky note. The yellow sticky note can go on your sales letter or on the outside of the envelope. This is one of the most effective creative direct mail ideas due to the perception of yellow sticky notes which is that it represents important reminders or useful information.

Handwrite your Sales Letter

If you want to strengthen client loyalty with creative direct mail ideas, then handwriting your sales letter is a must. Handwritten letters in general are perceived as letters that are personal. And if your sales letter is handwritten, it will allow your clients to let their guards down long enough for you to present your offer. This is due to a handwritten letter appearing more like a letter from a trusted friend and not a faceless company. Avoid using handwritten fonts as they can be viewed as deceiving. You don’t want your customer to feel tricked into reading your offer. Be sure to address your client by name and by “you” when detailing how your product or service will benefit them in their everyday lives. Know your customers’ wants and needs so that you can tailor your message to them.

These are just a few creative direct mail ideas you can use in your next campaign to strengthen your relationship with customers and build the type of loyalty your brand deserves.

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