How to create a flawless personal donation request letter for your fundraiser

Why Use a Personal Donation Request Letter



Fundraisers are a great way to allocate funds for a cause. And another ideal way to request donations is by creating and sending out a personal donation request letter. This type of letter is perfect for not only asking for donations; it also makes connecting with donors easier.

Whether you are asking for a donation or want to invite the potential donor to an upcoming fundraiser, the below tips – when included in your letter – will help you connect with potential donors and assist you in reaching your fundraising goals. Keep reading to learn how to create a flawless personal donation request letter for your cause.

Personalize Your Personal Donation Request Letter

Don’t be afraid to skip the formalities and focus more on taking a personal approach when creating your letter. This means using your donor’s first name throughout your writing. Another great way to help leave an impression is to hand-address your personal donation request letter versus typing it. Your potential donor will take notice of your handwritten letter and will appreciate the time and care you’ve taken to communicate with them about your cause.

Be Mindful of the Language you Use

Use language that your potential donor will easily understand. Before contacting them, do some research about their interests and write to them with the knowledge of how they can relate to your cause. Avoid using fancy language that you feel will impress them as this will only make your letter seem impersonal.

Be Clear About your Fundraising Goals

Be as detailed as possible regarding your fundraising goals. Your donor will likely want to know how their donation will help you, so satisfy that curiosity by sharing information about your plans and goals for after funds have been collected for your cause. Additionally, include statistics in your letter that are relative to what you are raising funds for to build credibility. Doing this will help your donor understand how valuable their donation to your cause will be.

Make It Easy for Them to Donate

After your potential donor has read all about your cause and how their donation will help, it’s time for you to tell them what you want them to do next. That’s where your call-to-action comes in. Your call-to-action should be simple and easy to complete. If you would like for them to attend your event, be sure to include the date, time and location along with a point of contact they can call with questions prior to the event. If you would like for them to contact you to speak more about your cause, include your name and the best number they can reach you at. And if you would like for them to leave a donation, include a postage paid envelope in your personal donation request letter so that they can easily pay with a check or money order. Whatever you decide, just be sure to include a simple call-to-action for your donor to complete.

Thank Them In Advance for Their Donation

Gratitude is a fantastic way to build strong rapport with donors which will lead to them feeling inclined to attend future events and even donate to any other cause you may be a part of. So be sure to thank your donor in advance for their donation.

The above tips will help you create a flawless personal donation request letter that assists with connecting with your potential donor and meeting your fundraising goals while leaving a lasting impression.

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