Why your competitors prefer personalized handwritten services ( And why you should too!)

Personalized Handwritten Services & How It Will Help Your Direct Mail Campaign

The _Competitors_ race_ in_ personalized_ handwritten_ services

Have you ever wondered what personalized handwritten services could do for your business?

If you are reading this, chances are you have researched your competitors in every area of their business and know a bit about how and what they offer to their customers.

What you probably have not discovered is why their client lists rapidly grows while yours continues to grow steadily or remain the same.

Often the secret ingredient to a business or professional’s success has little to do with what their business offers and more to do with what they personally are doing for their clients.

One thing they are doing is making sure buying from them is a joy, but they aren’t depending mainly on customer service.

They are actually adding the simple yet powerful touch of personalized handwritten services in their direct mail campaigns.

Here’s why employing the help of personalized handwritten services is working for them and how it will work for you too.

Personalized Handwritten Services Used On Envelopes & Letters Add a Human Touch to Marketing Campaigns

Your competitor’s customers may be different on the surface but they all want the same thing when it comes to buying products and services – they want to buy from personable businesses.

Business owners and professionals who are aware of this, make sure they are utilizing personalized handwritten services to send their customers hand addressed mail.

Mail that utilizes personalized handwritten services stands out in a pile of mail because of the personal nature and perception that comes with handwritten material.

Recipients automatically believe that personalized mail was written with care and consideration.

What kind of personalization will ensure this?

Handwritten Letters: When you use handwritten letters  to communicate with customers, they will appreciate it because it is rarely used today. Customers are also mindful of the time and consideration taken when material is handwritten. Make sure that your letter is paired with a hand addressed envelope that uses the recipient’s name.

Handwritten Sticky Notes: This unique option will help your mail stand out. It’s familiar to most people and can encourage them to open the mail. What’s written on it can say something as simple as “Thank You” or “Read Now.”

Personalized Handwritten Services Used On Letters & Envelopes Get Great Open Rates

Your competitors know how important it is for their customers to open their direct mail since information pertaining to what they are offering lays within. They understand that bold colors or big fonts may not get the response they desire.

In fact, the aforementioned might increase the chances of their mail landing in the dreaded junk mail pile.

Personalization can also increase response rates by 50%.

The reason for this is most recipients are more likely to open a hand addressed envelope due to the authenticity and sincerity the handwritten material delivers.

Personalizing your handwritten material will help earn the trust of potential customers and turn them into return clients.

With the help of personalized handwritten services you will finally beat your competition and experience a great rise in response rates.

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