Using a card writing service for your handwritten thank you cards

How to Use a Card Writing Service for your Handwritten Thank You Cards In an article that appeared in the NY Times, the author suggested that individuals who get in the habit of sending handwritten thank you cards are not only in trend, but are “also on their way to becoming happier and more sociable … Continued

Using hand addressed envelopes to increase response rates

Use Hand Addressed Envelopes to Increase Your Response Rates Business owners and professionals are discovering the power of hand addressed envelopes. The envelope is the first-thing recipients see, and judgment begins the moment your letter is picked up by the recipient. According to a study, it takes only 3 minutes for your mail to be … Continued

Creating a mailing list that guarantees an increase in your response rates

How To Create A Mailing List That Increases Response Rates A mailing list is an important asset to business owners and professionals who are interested in promoting their products or services. When compiled properly, mailing lists can assist professionals with successfully connecting with new and existing clientele. If you want to guarantee a high-response rate … Continued

Is your direct mail campaign suffering? (This could be what’s missing)

Improving Your Direct Mail Campaign The goal of a direct mail campaign is usually to connect with new and existing customers. Business owners and professionals use direct mail to inform customers of their products and services and how they can help benefit them and their lives. Unfortunately, having an amazing product or service just isn’t … Continued

Creative mailing services – why clients don’t toss personalized envelopes

How creative mailing services will help get your envelopes opened   Creative mailing services are becoming more vital to business owners as their customers are bombarded daily with mail competing for their attention. Did you know that last year alone, the United States Postal Service’s total mail volume totaled 158.4 billion? 80 billion of that was advertising mail. With … Continued