Personalized handwritten envelopes and how your business will benefit from using them

How Personalized Handwritten Envelopes will Benefit Your Business Personalized handwritten envelopes are a great tool used in many successful direct mail campaigns. No matter what products or service you offer, personalized handwritten materials such as envelopes can improve business. One of the reasons why handwritten mailings are so effective is because it gives the recipient … Continued

Personalized custom sticky notes: Are you making these 4 mistakes with yours?

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Using Personalized Custom Sticky Notes Direct mail campaigns are featuring personalized custom sticky notes more often as of late. According to a study that appeared in the Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2005, letters which included a sticky note attached to it, increased response rates by 75% compared to letters … Continued

What to include in your handwritten letter to attract leads

How A Personalized Handwritten Letter Can Attract Leads A handwritten letter is becoming uncommon these days thanks to the various options for digital communication. Because of emails, tweets, Facebook posts and the like, individuals are communicating with each other through means that are quicker and less personable. According to an annual survey conducted by the … Continued

5 ways to use personalized custom sticky notes to improve your direct mail campaign

Creative Ways To Use Personalized Custom Sticky Notes On Direct Mail Personalized custom sticky notes are quickly becoming the trusty sidekick in successful direct mail campaigns. Individuals use post-its daily both professionally and leisurely so it’s no surprise why they take notice of custom sticky notes. When sticky notes are included in mailers, they contribute to … Continued

Using personalized handwritten letters to build lasting relationships with clients

How Personalized Handwritten Letters Help Attract Loyal Clients Personalized handwritten letters have taken center stage as a surefire way to get the attention of direct mail recipients. The reason business owners and professionals who sell products and services see success using personalized handwritten letters, is because, as this writer put it, “Fine-writing instruments, pens, pencils help … Continued

How to use handwritten envelopes to help build a client list you can be proud of

Using Handwritten Envelopes to Build Your Client List Today’s business owners and marketing professionals better understand the power of handwritten envelopes. With the goal of connecting with their clients, brands are going back to basics and are sending their direct mailers tucked in hand addressed envelopes. Other professionals still question if handwritten letters make a … Continued

5 reasons to invest in personalized direct mail for your marketing campaign

5 Reasons to Invest In Personalized Direct Mail Personalized direct mail has been the secret to the success of many business owners and professionals for decades. Legendary salesman Joe Girard would agree. Recognized as the world’s greatest salesman by the Guinness Book of World Records, Girard was considered a great asset to his clients who … Continued

Why your competitors prefer personalized handwritten services ( And why you should too!)

Personalized Handwritten Services & How It Will Help Your Direct Mail Campaign Have you ever wondered what personalized handwritten services could do for your business? If you are reading this, chances are you have researched your competitors in every area of their business and know a bit about how and what they offer to their customers. … Continued

Hand addressed direct mail creative and cheap ways to increase ROI

Hand Addressed Direct Mail how handwritten direct mail can boost ROI without costing you an arm and a leg Spam side effect is nearly eliminated with Hand Addressed Direct Mail marketing. We all are familiar with spam. We dealt with it, we get it, and continue to battle it. As consumers become more aware and … Continued