Lost clientele and how handwritten mail can help you get them back

Winning Back Lost Clientele Lost clientele can be hard for many business owners, especially small business owners. While losing clients can be difficult to deal with, it can also double as a learning experience. One thing to keep in mind is that you can always get them back with tried-and-true strategies that work every time. … Continued

4 benefits your business will experience using handwritten mail

  Why Handwritten Mail Works In the age of emails, text messages and social media feeds, it’s no surprise why handwritten mail still has a positive impact on individuals. In general, it’s rare today for people to receive handwritten mail, even from close relatives. So you can imagine how rare it is for them to … Continued

Incredibly effective ways you can use handwritten envelopes to increase your response rates

Why Handwritten Envelopes? Handwritten envelopes have proven to increase response rates and a company’s overall sales. The reason for this is simple: the most important ingredient to a successful direct mail campaign relies on the effectiveness of the envelope it arrives in. Think of it this way – if your envelope fails to grab your … Continued

Why handwritten thank you notes will increase client loyalty

The Value of Handwritten Thank You Notes When it comes to planning a marketing campaign, standing out from your competitors is important. Handwritten thank you notes are becoming the go-to option for business owners looking to standout from their competition. Experts agree that sending handwritten thank you notes can help with customer retention which can lead to … Continued

4 ways handwritten direct mail can grow your brand in 2015

Using Handwritten Direct Mail in the New Year With 2015 just around the corner, many business owners are thinking of ways to grow their brand in the New Year and are turning to handwritten direct mail to get the job done. Whether you are looking to cement relationships with current customers or are interested in … Continued

How to create a flawless personal donation request letter for your fundraiser

Why Use a Personal Donation Request Letter   Fundraisers are a great way to allocate funds for a cause. And another ideal way to request donations is by creating and sending out a personal donation request letter. This type of letter is perfect for not only asking for donations; it also makes connecting with donors easier. … Continued

The top 5 events you should be sending handwritten invitations for

Why Handwritten Invitations Work? Handwritten invitations are becoming the go-to source for inviting guests to events. The time and energy that goes into creating handwritten invitations are being appreciated by those who are on the receiving end of them. While there are many events that call for handwritten invitations, there are five events in particular … Continued

Losing clients? How to win them back using this popular strategy

The Secret to Stop Losing Clients Losing clients as a business owner can be a tough experience. There are many articles around the web about how to attract new clients to your business. Very few of those articles give advice on how to win back those clients if they decide to no longer do business … Continued

How to regain the trust of unhappy clients using handwritten services

The Reason you May Have Unhappy Clients According to statistics, 89% of consumers began doing business with a brand’s competitor following a poor customer experience. Unfortunately, as a business owner you will or have experienced unhappy clients. A client’s dissatisfaction can be a result of your product not performing as expected or your level of … Continued

How you can use handwritten letters to attract and keep first-time customers

Using Handwritten Letters to Attract and Keep New Customers Many business owners understand the power of handwritten letters. This is why they are confident when using this effective way of communication in their direct mail campaigns. The reason using handwritten letters results in successful campaigns is simple, they help humanize brands. A study conducted by … Continued