Research: Handwritten direct mail attracts higher responses than other direct mail methods

Handwritten Direct Mail in Marketing For a number of years, handwritten direct mail has been helping business owners improve brand loyalty and trust. Today, electronic communications have become the preferred method of communicating with customers due to its convenience; but according to research, mail recipients respond better to personalized handwritten mail. What’s more, is that … Continued

Research: Handwritten Envelopes receive more responses compared to Printed Labels

Handwritten Envelopes vs. Printed Labels When planning a direct mail campaign aimed at increasing response rates, most business owners choose handwritten mail and handwritten envelopes. The effect of handwritten envelopes on response rates has been proven to be beneficial to companies, regardless of their industry. Statistics have shown that hand-addressing envelopes in a campaign can … Continued

Research – Proof you can Increase Open Rates by Hand Addressing Envelopes

Hand-Addressing Envelopes and Open Rates When you hand-address envelopes for your direct mail campaign, your customers both existing and new take notice. Handwritten mail may be one of the oldest forms of communication but far from dated. Many companies are going back to basics when figuring out ways to increase their open rates, with most ditching … Continued

How to launch a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor

Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors Launching a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor can seem like a lot of work, but work that is well worth the effort. Direct mail can work for you if you plan your campaigns efficiently and stay consistent throughout the process. Doing this will get you the … Continued

Customer Reviews: 4 ways to encourage customers to review your products/services

Why Customer Reviews Matter Customer reviews are important to every brand as a form of word-of-mouth. Many shoppers rely on reviews of products or services to determine if what you offer will work for them. In fact, 57% trust customer reviews and see them as supportive to other information sources. Are you looking for ways to … Continued

ATTN: Real Estate Investors – Here is what you should send in your direct mail

Real Estate Investors and Direct Mail Real estate investors usually send direct mail to prospective clients to build solid connections that translate into leads. Next to consistency, personalized direct mail from real estate investors is the hallmark to getting high response rates that matter. Here are four things you need to include in your next … Continued

Attracting new Customers: Creative ways to promote your products and services to new customers

Attracting New Customers Using Creative Methods To stay fresh in the minds of new customers, business owners have to think outside of the box. Using creative promotional techniques is the perfect way to attract new customers and to encourage them to learn more about your products or services. Are you interested in using creative strategies in your … Continued

The 4 best ways to increase response rates in your next direct mail marketing campaign

Increasing Response Rates An increase in response rates is always a benefit for a company. When you increase response rates you will see an increase in your sales, and this will help grow your company. Besides an increase in sales, an increase in direct mail response rates can translate into more customers which means there … Continued

The secret to building customer loyalty and trust while increasing sales

What is the Secret to Building Customer Loyalty and Increasing Sales? The two most important business goals for many business owners are building customer loyalty and increasing sales. With so many marketing options available to you, it can become overwhelming to decide which one works best for you. Building loyalty among customers and increasing sales … Continued

3 ways to create personalized direct mail for your next campaign

Why Personalized Direct Mail? If you are looking for new ways to connect with new clients in your next direct mail campaign, consider sending personalized direct mail. Personalized direct mail is great for any business that is looking to get their message out to the right people and to pull in new clientele. When researched … Continued