Study: The positive effects of handwritten mail on customer satisfaction

The Connection Between Handwritten Mail and Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is when a customer believes a company’s products or services exceeds their specified satisfaction goals. When a customer has a good buying experience, they see no reason to stop buying from you and refer your business to their friends, family, and associates. In a competitive … Continued

Study: Automation and Building Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty with Automation Automation is linked to the building of customer loyalty in business. Because the system is built to support consistent communication with clients, many business owners choose automation when developing marketing campaigns. Customer loyalty is one reason for a company’s success. And this is why marketing professionals and business owners rely … Continued

Research: Creating customer loyalty with handwritten mail

Customer Loyalty and Handwritten Mail Customer loyalty is important to a company’s success. While gaining new customers should be a priority for business owners, cultivating your existing customer’s loyalty is just as important. It’s been said a few times in our blogs, but it is worth repeating. Part of a company’s sales, 20% to be … Continued

Research: Handwritten mail that gets the best results in direct mail campaigns

Handwritten Mail and Direct Mail Campaigns Studies have confirmed that including handwritten mail in direct mail campaigns can significantly increase response rates. The personable appeal this mail provides differs from printed mail. Customers respond positively to mail that is handwritten and sending it can also speed up the time it takes for customers to respond. … Continued

Research: Increasing customer satisfaction with automation in business

Automation and Customer Satisfaction Automation has become a topic of interest for busy business owners who want to improve customer satisfaction. The process of automation is important to business because it maintains consistent communication between customers and brands. Though there are positive aspects to automation, many experts don’t appreciate how automation can be impersonal. Today … Continued

Research: Increasing response rates with handwritten direct mail

Handwritten Direct Mail and Response Rates Many business owners are turning to handwritten direct mail to connect with their customers in campaigns. Though it’s becoming popular, including personalized direct mail in marketing campaigns is more than a trend. Handwritten mail has been linked to increased response rates for many brands. Let’s review the studies and … Continued

Research: The effectiveness of handwritten thank you notes in business

Handwritten Thank You Notes and Business Handwritten thank you notes have been making a comeback in business with business owners learning the value of sending them to customers. There’s been research done listing the benefits and results of companies that have sent thank you notes to their customers. Let’s take a look at the benefits … Continued

Research: Sending handwritten thank you notes builds customer loyalty

Sending Handwritten Thank You Notes Business owners are learning the value in sending handwritten thank you notes. Mailing customers handwritten thank you notes will not only build interest in your brand but will also increase customer loyalty. Studies and research proves this with businesses flourishing by simply telling their customers thank you. Let’s take a … Continued

What can business owners learn from Taylor Swift’s Handwritten Thank You Notes?

Taylor Swift and Handwritten Notes Handwritten thank you notes are making a comeback in business and in the way we show appreciation for others. Gratitude is an important tool that can help with building trust and loyalty among customers. Business owners are learning this more today in a time when most of our communication is … Continued

Survey – Handwritten post-it notes doubles response rates by 75%

Handwritten post-it notes have been the secret weapon in direct mail campaigns for many years. Often used to call attention to important information or to present special offers, just the presence of personalized post-it notes can increase the response rates in your campaign. Noted in the book, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, … Continued