How greeting cards can help increase brand loyalty

Why Greeting Cards Work Greeting cards are always welcomed by recipients due to its cheery perception. For business owners, greeting cards are a great way to either introduce their brand or remind current customers what they offer in a non-intrusive way. Doing this can lead to brand loyalty among customers. Are you looking for original … Continued

Why sending handwritten thank you notes to clients will keep them coming back

Handwritten  Thank You Notes Are Essential For Customer Retention Handwritten thank you notes have been proven to improve customer relations and brand loyalty. Attracting new clients can sometimes be the primary focus of business owners looking to expand their brands. But statistics have proven that an increase in sales and brand growth is due to … Continued

Tips on developing and maintaining long-term client relationships

The Importance of Long-Term Client Relationships Long-term client relationships are essential to all businesses, regardless of the industry. As mentioned in this article, statistics have proven that it takes five times more money to acquire new customers than it does to keep current customers. While some attention should be devoted to attracting new clientele, it … Continued

How to build client loyalty without sacrificing your brand

Why Client Loyalty is Important Client loyalty is what every business aims for when selling their products or services. On the search for ways to attract clients and keep them coming back, some brands can find themselves sacrificing their brand’s identities for the sake of building client loyalty. For you, this may mean making promises … Continued

Personalized direct mail vs. Internet marketing – Which attracts the most customers?

How to Decide if Personalized Direct Mail is Better Than Internet Marketing Today, marketing and sales professionals have more marketing options when it comes to attracting new clients to their products and services. Most professionals choose between personalized direct mail and internet marketing. But which one attracts the most customers? Let’s look at some of the … Continued

How to know if personalization is right for your direct mail campaign

  Personalization in Direct Mail Campaigns Business owners and marketing professionals are always looking for fresh new ways to draw in consumers. Many are turning to personalization to do just that. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to making a positive impact on consumers can be beneficial especially if you are in a … Continued

How to use personalization in direct mail for best results

Personalization & Direct Mail If you are unfamiliar with personalization, it is a form of direct marketing that helps to keep the attention of consumers long enough to deliver your message via direct mail. How does it work? Personalization is used in the message text along with the images that are included in direct mail … Continued

4 steps to connecting with clients using variable data printing

How Variable Data Printing Helps you Connect with Clients Variable data printing is a form of digital printing that is created specifically for one single-person in mind. How it works is it allows businesses to customize their message in a way that successfully connects with consumers. Mailers that use variable data printing usually results in high consumer … Continued

How personalized variable data printing can increase your ROI

Understanding Personalized Variable Data Printing Personalized variable data printing (also known as VDP) is one of the most original and effective tools used in direct marketing. Though it may sound new to most people, it has been the secret weapon used by business owners and professionals who want a tried-and-true method to connect with consumers. … Continued

What is personalization and how can it improve your direct mail campaign?

Why Add Personalization to your Direct Mail Campaign? Personalization has been working successfully for businesses that implement it in their direct mail campaigns. If you have any doubts regarding how effective personalization is, take this report done by market research firm Infotrends into consideration. In their study, they compared response rates “to a range of … Continued