Increase Response Rates – How these 4 direct mail marketing tips will boost your response rates

How to Increase Response Rates Increasing response rates is a main focus for many new and established business owners. When you invest in a direct mail campaign you of course want to make sure that you are getting a return on your investment. Keep reading for helpful direct mail marketing tips that will help increase … Continued

4 creative ideas for direct mail marketing you can use today

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Help Your Business Many brands compete for the attention and loyalty of consumers and are always thinking of new ways to achieve this. Utilizing creative ideas for direct mail marketing in campaigns can get you the results you are looking for. It can also improve your relationship with new and existing … Continued

Creative direct mail ideas you can use now to strengthen customer loyalty

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Use handwritten notes in these 4 ways to improve customer loyalty and retention

How Handwritten Notes Add Value to Companies Sending handwritten notes to clients is fast becoming a trend for companies looking to retain new customers and focus on customer loyalty, and the studies show why. According to statistics, a 10% increase in retaining customers typically results in a 30% increase in the value of the company. … Continued

4 creative marketing ideas you can use in your next direct mail campaign

Choosing  Creative Marketing Ideas That Work Studies show that over 95% of handwritten envelopes get opened when compared to envelopes that contain printed fonts. Now more than ever, business owners are turning to creative marketing ideas to connect with existing and potential clients. And one of those creative marketing ideas are handwritten direct mail. Creative … Continued

How to transform new customers into loyal clients using card writing services

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Increase response rates and build your client lists with these helpful tips

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How to use personalization to attract new clients in the New Year

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Why sending personal holiday cards will increase sales this holiday season

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4 things to remember when sending out holiday cards this year

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