Study: Automation and Building Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty with Automation Automation is linked to the building of customer loyalty in business. Because the system is built to support consistent communication with clients, many business owners choose automation when developing marketing campaigns. Customer loyalty is one reason for a company’s success. And this is why marketing professionals and business owners rely … Continued

Research: Creating customer loyalty with handwritten mail

Customer Loyalty and Handwritten Mail Customer loyalty is important to a company’s success. While gaining new customers should be a priority for business owners, cultivating your existing customer’s loyalty is just as important. It’s been said a few times in our blogs, but it is worth repeating. Part of a company’s sales, 20% to be … Continued

Study: How effective are handwritten envelopes on open rates?

Handwritten Envelopes and Open Rates The envelope is the first contact your customers make with your direct mail. It has been proven that when you send your mail in handwritten envelopes you increase your response rates by up to 300%. Handwritten envelopes are significant to all marketing campaigns regardless of industry. What follows are the … Continued

Research: The effectiveness of handwritten thank you notes in business

Handwritten Thank You Notes and Business Handwritten thank you notes have been making a comeback in business with business owners learning the value of sending them to customers. There’s been research done listing the benefits and results of companies that have sent thank you notes to their customers. Let’s take a look at the benefits … Continued

Research: How personalized holiday cards work with customer retention

Personalized Holiday Cards and Customer Retention With the holidays approaching, now is the time to think about how you can improve customer retention. Personalized holiday cards are a go-to marketing tool business owners use to show customers appreciation. And research has proven that personalized holiday cards work well with improving customer retention. Research on the … Continued

Study: Including handwritten post-it notes in direct mail will increase response rates

Handwritten Post-It Notes and Direct Mail The studies are out, adding handwritten post-it notes to your direct mail is in, and doing so is one of the most effective ways to grab your customers’ attentions. While the information you offer in direct mail is important, your mail needs that added appeal to get your recipient’s … Continued

Research: Handwritten Notes can strengthen relationships with existing customers

Handwritten Notes and Building Relationships Small business owners and marketers have discovered the power of handwritten notes. To keep your existing customers happy, you have to show them you value their business. One of the best ways to do this is by sending your customers handwritten notes. Something as simple as a written “thank you” … Continued

How to launch a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor

Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors Launching a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor can seem like a lot of work, but work that is well worth the effort. Direct mail can work for you if you plan your campaigns efficiently and stay consistent throughout the process. Doing this will get you the … Continued

How to use these 4 creative marketing strategies to boost customer loyalty

Boosting Customer Loyalty Customer loyalty is the heart to a company’s success. It’s the reason customers will continue to choose one brand over the other and become advocates for their products and services. There are simple creative marketing strategies you can use to increase customer loyalty among your customers. Keep reading to learn of four … Continued

Creative direct mail marketing and 4 easy ways to include it in your next campaign

Creative Direct Mail Marketing With so many companies competing for the attention of customers, sticking out from the competition is more important than ever. That’s why it’s key to invest in creative direct mail marketing. There are easy ways you can jazz up your campaign to target your audience. Here are four examples of creative … Continued