5 ways to use a card writing service for the holidays and events

Using a Card Writing Service for Holidays & Events


The use of a card writing service has become the secret asset to individuals and even business owners who want to show appreciation.

Before the internet, computers and even typewriters, handwriting a correspondence such as a card was the best way to show someone you care while leaving a positive impression.

In a Wall Street Journal article, the author of the article explained how handwritten material can be viewed as a keepsake treasure to those who receive them.

One of the reasons many may shy away from sending handwritten cards is because they have too many people they would like to send cards to, but not enough time to write them.

If time is an issue for you too, a card writing service is the solution.

Here are a few ways you can use a card writing service for the holidays and upcoming events.

Use a Card Writing Service to Send ‘Thank You’ cards

Sending thank you cards are the ideal way to show your gratitude for someone’s time or service. A thank you card can be sent to guests who attended a company or related event. Similarly, if you were given a gift at an event or even for the holidays, a thank you card is the perfect way to show that you are appreciative of being thought of.

Handwritten Invitations for Parties & Events

If you are hosting an event such as a fundraiser or surprise birthday party, a handwritten invitation is the way to go. A card writing service can assist with hand addressing invitations that will encourage donors and volunteers to attend. Invitations for weddings, company parties, or any event that would require an RSVP will benefit from being handwritten. The reason for this is it gives recipients the sense that you were kind enough to create something so personal by having it handwritten. And if you have a large group of people you need to invite, a card writing service can manage your list. This gives you time to focus your attention on more important aspects of your event.

Utilize Handwritten Services for Your Holiday Cards

Handwritten holiday cards are fantastic because they are personable, which is the feeling you want to exude. Business owners and professionals can experience client list growth by utilizing a card writing service to send handwritten holiday cards to existing clients. The great thing about having a card writing service handwrite holiday cards is that you can customize it however you like using a tone that is cheery or even humorous, using your brand’s voice. Sending a handwritten holiday card will illustrate your personality and will impress the recipient.

Handwrite Condolences

When a person experiences a loss, the smallest things can bring them comfort. The con of popular store bought cards is that often the typed fonts fall short of putting into words what you want to say to a person who is grieving a loss. Handwritten condolences cards will do the job of letting the recipient know that you empathize with them, and you have taken the time to send them something truly from the heart using your words. This will leave a lasting impression and will help with building a relationship with the recipient that they won’t take for granted.

Send a Congratulatory Card

Hand addressing congratulatory cards will add a personal touch to any celebration. A card writing service can create neatly handwritten cards, addressed to recipients who have been promoted within the company, welcomed a new baby or even tied the knot. People love to share blissful moments in their lives and love to have them acknowledged. Using a card writing service to handwrite your card will make you stand out as a thoughtful person and one that the recipient will remember.

As you can see, there are many ways to use a card writing service for the holidays and events. The result will be that your handwritten card will be valued and will leave a lasting impression on those who receive them.

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