The secret to building customer loyalty and trust while increasing sales

What is the Secret to Building Customer Loyalty and Increasing Sales?


The two most important business goals for many business owners are building customer loyalty and increasing sales. With so many marketing options available to you, it can become overwhelming to decide which one works best for you.

Building loyalty among customers and increasing sales is very possible and you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other to see results. The secret to do this is in using handwritten direct mail to communicate with your customers.

Why Building Customer Loyalty and Increasing Sales with Handwritten Direct Mail Works?

Your customers are bombarded with several advertisements and solicitations daily especially in the form of direct mail. Because of this their guards are always up when receiving mail. Additionally, most companies utilize typed fonts in their letters which is also used for junk mail. So it is increasingly important that you communicate in a way that helps your company standout. And the best way to do this is by sending handwritten direct mail.

Handwritten direct mail is personable and will help with building customer loyalty. It lets your customers know that you took the time to handwrite your letter to them which can result in them feeling appreciated. It will also increase sales and customer retention because many customers prefer to do business with people more than faceless brands. This can result in your customers feeling more inclined to pick your company’s products or services over your competitors.

Receiving handwritten mail of any kind is rare today as we do most of our communicating via the internet. With your handwritten direct mail, your customer will feel you are talking to them and not at them and will like that they aren’t solely being sold something. Most importantly, using handwritten direct mail will allow your customers to be more open to reading what you have to offer and if it is something of value to them that they can benefit from, they will act on your call-to-action which will result in increased sales for you.

How to use Handwritten Direct Mail for Building Customer Loyalty and Increasing Sales

Your first focus on increasing your sales and building customer loyalty should be on your envelopes. Statistics have confirmed that hand-addressing envelopes can significantly increase open rates. With this in mind, always opt to hand-address the recipient’s name and address. This simple act will help your mail stand out in a pile and will get your customers attention. You can also include a handwritten teaser on the envelope giving your recipient a hint of what may be inside.

Handwritten letters connect better with customers, so consider sending your customers handwritten letters. Your letter can be for the purpose of introducing a new product or service you know your customer will benefit from or offering them a special offer. If you would like to include a special offer in addition to writing them a sales letter, use a yellow sticky note to pen your special offer. The yellow sticky note will get noticed and won’t make your letter seem cluttered or difficult to read. Once your letter is complete, be sure to include a handwritten signature. You want your customer to know that they are receiving a letter from a real person and a handwritten signature is a great way to show authenticity in your company.

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