4 benefits your business will experience using handwritten mail


Why Handwritten Mail Works


In the age of emails, text messages and social media feeds, it’s no surprise why handwritten mail still has a positive impact on individuals. In general, it’s rare today for people to receive handwritten mail, even from close relatives. So you can imagine how rare it is for them to receive handwritten mail from businesses.

Keep reading to learn of a few benefits a business can experience when using handwritten mail in their campaigns.

Increased Client Loyalty

Handwritten mail is a great way to show your appreciation for return customers. While some of your focus should be on developing strategies to attract new clients, acknowledging the return business of existing customers is an excellent way to increase client loyalty. You can do this by sending handwritten mail in the form of thank you notes, handwritten special offers, or even greeting cards around the holidays. Your clients will appreciate the time and effort used in creating the handwritten mail and will feel inclined to choose your products or services over your competitors.

Client Retention

Client retention is a top concern for all business owners and for valid reason. 20% of a company’s sales will come from their loyal clients. Handwritten mail can help maintain and improve client retention as it will show appreciation and acknowledgement of clients as more than customers but as individuals. Thank you notes are a great form of handwritten mail for this as well as personalized handwritten letters. Client retention can also lead to attracting new clients. It is usually your current customers who offer testimonials and who refer your products or services to friends and family.

Higher Response Rates

Increasing your response rates should be a priority for your business. Your response rates affects your sales and the growth of your business. Many business owners use handwritten mail to make genuine connections with clients. Consumers see thousands of messages a day. So it is important that they remember yours. Hand-addressed envelopes are a great way to do this since they experience a 99.2% open rate according to a 2012 DMA study. Printed envelopes offer a 14%-25% open rate. It’s clear that hand-addressing envelopes will get the attention of your prospects. It will also encourage them to open your envelope. To give your handwritten mail more personal appeal, add a live stamp to the face of the envelope.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Several statistics have proven that implementing handwritten mail in marketing efforts can significantly improve campaigns. Investing in handwritten mail will increase the value of your company among your customers and will get you a return on your investment. And here’s why: no amount of copy will matter if your clients are unable to get past your envelope. And because most junk mail utilizes printed envelopes and fonts, this has an effect on the first impression recipients have when they receive similar mailings. If you research your target market, offer a product or service that they can benefit from and you invest in creating handwritten mail, your clients will pay attention long enough to read your call-to-action and act on it.

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