5 surefire ways to stand out from your competitors

Standing Out From Competitors


In business, your competitors can either make or break your brand.

Whether you are in a popular market or one that is niche targeted, it’s important that you stand out to the right customers.

Here are five surefire ways you can stand out from your competitors today.

Know your Competitor’s Weaknesses

Research your competitors and understand what their weaknesses are.

Customers who leave one company to work with another are the best sources for finding out what your competitors are lacking.

Once you know their weakness, you can highlight how your company compares and why your products or services are superior.

Offer an Excellent Customer Experience

How your customer feels when doing business with you will determine if they become loyal customers or choose your competitor’s products over yours.

An excellent customer experience starts with them getting their problem resolved with the help of customer service and ends with a follow-up.

Consider sending a personalized handwritten letter to new customers who have called you to inquire about services.

In your handwritten letter, be sure to let them know why you are writing them. This can be a great way to suggest products they may also be interested in purchasing.

Be an Expert in your Industry

Chances are your competitor’s focus is on selling their products.

While this is a necessary focus, being seen as an expert in your industry works better in not only selling products but building trust with your customers.

People like to buy from people, so if you can show your customers you know what you are talking about, they are more likely to be interested in what you offer without you having to sell them on your products.

Doing it this way can also lead to less returns or requests for refunds.

Know your Market and Target it Precisely

When you research your market thoroughly, you understand what consumers want and need.

Their problems are clear and you are able to see how your products or services can solve them.

You also know what language to use to help you best connect with them.

You can learn more about your market by offering surveys. And you can influence individuals to take your surveys by sending handwritten cards inviting them to participate.

When you send a handwritten invite to customers, include an incentive like a discount on future purchases or a promise of a free gift if they complete the survey.

Offer a Value Customers can’t find Anywhere Else

Your brand can only stand out from competitors if you offer something they can’t find elsewhere.

Everyone has their wow factor. Walmart promises lower prices on products that you won’t find anywhere else and Zappos.com offers free shipping and returns and offer customers a full year to send items back if they are not satisfied.

Your value can be 24/7 customer service or a free gift with every purchase.

Once you’ve determined what value you offer, let your customers know.

When campaigning you can let them know on a custom yellow sticky note attached to a card or letter.

Or you can remind them in a handwritten thank you note after they make a purchase. This can encourage them to buy from you again.

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