5 reasons to invest in personalized direct mail for your marketing campaign

5 Reasons to Invest In Personalized Direct Mail

personalized direct mail for marketing campaign

Personalized direct mail has been the secret to the success of many business owners and professionals for decades.

Legendary salesman Joe Girard would agree.

Recognized as the world’s greatest salesman by the Guinness Book of World Records, Girard was considered a great asset to his clients who enjoyed working with him and buying from him.

In Robert Cialdini’s classic book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert profiled Joe and revealed what helped Joe succeed in sales – personalized direct mail.

Joe would send personalized handwritten notes to all of his clients once a month.

The messages would say something simple like ‘I like you.’ According to Joe, these simple messages helped keep his clients happy and loyal.

The next few reasons to invest in personalized direct mail are just as important.

1) Your Response Rates Are Low

There’s a chance that your prospects are not responding to your communication in the way you’d like, because there is no reason for them to open the mail you’ve sent. Another reason may be that your offer isn’t enticing enough.

Solution: Your first area of focus should start with the envelope that holds your offer. Make sure you are addressing your prospect by name. Having your envelopes hand addressed will also help your mail stand out in a pile.

2) Your Client List Remains The Same

One of your business goals should be to expand your client list so that you are connecting with as many customers as possible. Your product or service is great and more people should know about it!

Solution: Much like Joe Girard, sending personalized direct mail in the form of a personalized note or letter can have mutual benefits. Saying something as simple as “Thank You” could turn a first time customer into a loyal one. And remember, loyal customers will refer your products or services to others.

3) You Believe Personalized Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Worth Investing In

With the popularity and success of social media, you may think that this is the new best way to draw in new customers and to keep current clients happy. The truth is, personalized direct mail marketing is still very relevant today.

Solution: Customers may enjoy the convenience of social media but they still love receiving mail they can read at their own convenience. Statistics have proven that even in the average customer’s busy life, they still prefer to receive direct mail from brands. But what they respond well to, are personalized letters and envelopes addressed specifically to them.

4) Your Direct Mail Resembles Junk Mail

You may be using too many fonts and colors on your envelopes. Sending an envelope that is too plain with typed fonts, without any indication of what is inside of your mail, can also give recipients the impression that it could be junk mail.

Solution: Big fonts and colors on your direct mail may get your recipient to notice it, however, that doesn’t mean they will open it. Hand addressed personalized envelopes will stand out from junk mail. The reason for this is personalized direct mail seems more authentic. Add a sticky note to your personalized direct mail envelope. It will add a unique look and draw the right attention to your mail.

5) You’re Addressing Recipients As “Current Resident” Or Similar

Addressing your recipients as “current resident” or a title similar to this may seem easier and efficient to you. You probably want to cast a large net so that the letter appeals to anyone in the event the letter is not viewed by the intended prospect.

Solution: Address the recipient by their first and last names. When you do this, you will connect with your client and give them incentive to open your envelope, read your communication and then act on your call to action. Much like reason #4, you want to avoid the junk mail pile. Addressing the recipient with personalized direct mail is one way to do this.

These are just a handful of reasons why investing in personalized direct mail can help you achieve your business goals and keep new and existing customers happy.

Attracting new customers is great. But servicing return customers and new customers referred to you by fellow happy customers is even better! Investing in personalized direct mail for your marketing campaign will help you do this.

Letter Friend will assist you in fine-tuning your personalized direct mail for your marketing campaign with personalized hand addressed envelopes and letters handwritten by a real person.

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