4 ways to reward customer loyalty using handwritten mail

Rewarding Customer Loyalty


When you reward customer loyalty, you build stronger customer relationships. These relationships can result in both attracting more clients due to word-of-mouth and a consistent flow of sales due to the trust you’ve built with customers.

If you are wondering how to reward loyal customers, here are four ways you can accomplish this using handwritten mail.

Send a Handwritten Letter with Exclusive Offers

If you want your customers to feel valued for their support of your business, consider sending a handwritten letter. This is an effective way of acknowledging their continued support when they purchase your products or services. For added appreciation for customer loyalty, accompany your handwritten letter with exclusive offers. Your offers can be a discount on existing or newly released products or even a free trial of service. Be sure to include a handwritten signature at the conclusion of your letter to add a personal touch.

Send a Handwritten Thank You Card to Long-Time Customers

Sending a thank you card is one of the best ways to reward customer loyalty. The simple act of saying “thank you” build’s loyalty among your customers because it makes them feel good about choosing your products or services. This is significant if they have many other options for acquiring similar products elsewhere. Additionally, when you send thank you cards to customers, your genuine gesture is remembered long after the act. This is important if you are looking to build customer loyalty and solid customer relationships which can lead to your customers becoming advocates of your brand.

Invite them to join your Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

If your business would benefit from offering a customer loyalty rewards program to customers, sending out handwritten invites for new and existing customers to join, is a great way to rally support and to reward customer loyalty. Rewards programs typically offer customers ways to earn points or incentives by continuing to purchase your products or services. Much like a handwritten letter, handwritten invites will give your communication a personal touch. In your invite, be sure to include a contact number for a specific person that customers can reach out to if they should need more details. You can include this type of information on a custom yellow sticky note or in the P.S. of your invite.

Send Handwritten Birthday Cards

Birthdays are celebratory moments at any age, and you can increase customer loyalty by sending handwritten birthday cards to return customers. The great thing about handwritten birthday cards is that they can double as a keepsake, something that your customer can reread as many times as they like. This will allow your company to stay fresh in your customer’s minds leading to them consistently choosing your products and services over your competitors.

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