4 ways handwritten direct mail can grow your brand in 2015

Using Handwritten Direct Mail in the New Year


With 2015 just around the corner, many business owners are thinking of ways to grow their brand in the New Year and are turning to handwritten direct mail to get the job done. Whether you are looking to cement relationships with current customers or are interested in attracting new clientele, handwritten direct mail can help build brand loyalty.

Here are four ways you can use handwritten direct mail in 2015 to grow your brand.

As Thank You Notes

Thank you notes can be sent to customers who have made a recent purchase from you or who’ve purchased from you this year. Clients respond well to brands who show gratitude for their business and thank you notes are a great way to express this. Sending handwritten direct mail in the form of thank you notes can help build loyalty among clientele and will encourage them to choose your brand over competitors.

To Win Back Lost Clientele

Many business owners have experienced clients both purchasing from them once and not returning or who have stopped buying from them because of a bad product experience or customer service. A great way to win them back is by sending handwritten direct mail in the form of greeting cards or even letters introducing them to new products or products that would be of interest to them based on their purchase history. You can also include surveys in your handwritten direct mail for customers to fill out and leave feedback. Doing this will demonstrate that you care about their opinion. Plus, their feedback will help you improve in specific areas of your business so that you avoid losing clients in the future.

To Attract New Clients

A small part of your marketing plans for the New Year may be aimed at attracting new clients. A good way to do this is by sending handwritten direct mail in the form of special offers and exclusive discounts for new customers. This is a great way to introduce your brand to new clients. It will inform new clients of the benefits they will experience with the products or services you offer while getting a deal when purchasing from you for the first time. If their experience is a positive one, this type of handwritten direct mail will lend itself to getting clients to refer your company to others in the end doubling your client list.

For Higher Response Rates

If you are looking to improve your response rates, your focus should start with your envelopes. The envelope is the first thing your existing and new clients will see and it will determine if they will read or toss your mail. Statistics have proven that hand-addressed envelopes are opened 72% more often than computer generated addresses. Handwriting your recipients’ name on your envelope will grab their attention and will stand out from the rest of their mail for two reasons.

1. Most businesses are not communicating with clients using handwritten direct mail. So when they receive your  handwritten envelope, they will take notice.
2. Handwritten envelopes give off a personal feeling that isn’t often felt when recipients receive mail from brands.

Additionally, you can attach a yellow sticky note to the front of your envelope and include text that gives your recipient some information regarding what they will find inside the envelope once it is opened.

These are just a handful of handwritten direct mail ideas that you can use to help grow your brand in 2015.

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