4 things to remember when sending out holiday cards this year

Why You Should Send Holiday Cards


With the holiday season finally here, mailing holiday cards are on the minds of people looking to connect with family, friends and even clients. Are you one of the few who wonder why individuals still send holiday cards every year?

Holiday cards can help you strengthen business and personal relationships because they demonstrate you care enough to share holiday cheer.

That cheery, holiday feeling that holiday cards provide not only makes people feel great when they receive them, but they also make festive decorations when put on display.

There are a few things you will need to keep in mind before sending out your holiday cards this year. Keep reading to find out what those four things are.

Confirm Mailing Addresses

This tip, for clear reasons, is the most important tip of them all. Making sure that you have the accurate and current addresses of the people on your holiday card list is top priority as you would like to make sure that they receive their holiday cards. Try to complete this step as far in advance as possible so that you are not scrambling on the day you have to mail them out.

Send Holiday Cards as Early as Possible

The post office is busy around the holidays, especially closer to Christmas which can increase chances of delayed delivery. According to USPS, the busiest mailing day during the holidays is around December 20. Mailing your holiday cards sooner than later will ensure that your holiday cards are received on time. Also, keep in mind when your recipient may be celebrating their respective holidays. Not everyone celebrates Christmas nor do other seasonal holidays fall on December 25th. So be sure to double check the actual date of the holidays your recipient will celebrate and ensure that their holiday cards are received on schedule.

Hand-Address Your Holiday Cards

Hand-addressing your holiday cards will add a personal touch to an already special holiday communication. Because holiday cards can double as keepsakes, your handwritten message will always be remembered and will help with building a stronger relationship with the person you are communicating with. With that said, avoid sending e-holiday cards. While it may seem convenient, they can be perceived as impersonal or worse, as spam and sent straight to your recipient’s junk folder. Additionally, avoid including religious messages or photos of Santa or Christmas trees unless you know for sure the specific holiday your recipient will be celebrating this year. Do include a personalized handwritten message that will be unique to each recipient. So for instance, if you are sending a holiday card to a business client, you can tell them how great it has been working with them and that you look forward to growing your partnership in the New Year.

Check your Spelling

While the thought is always what matters the most when sending personalized holiday cards, making sure that everything is spelled correctly, including the recipient’s name, is just as important. Misspellings may not ruin your relationship with the recipient; however, taking the time to make sure that everything is spelled correctly will help with your card being warmly received. Doing this will also reflect how much care and attention to detail went into you creating holiday cards especially for them.

Sending holiday cards this year will be a breeze with the above suggestions. And Letter Friend can help!

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