4 secrets to building trusting relationships with customers

Why Building Trusting Relationships with Customers is Important


Building trusting relationships with customers is important to every brand.

When customers trust your company they tend to choose your products and services over your competitors.

Here are four simple things you can do to build strong relationships with your customers.

Personable Customer Service

Great customer service is the foundation to a business’s success.

How your customers feel when speaking or dealing with representatives of your brand can determine if they buy from you just once or become loyal customers.

To build trusting relationships with customers, you must offer personable service.

A great way to do this, is by sending handwritten letters to customers who call in to inquire about your products or services.

Sending handwritten letters to follow up on customer inquiries is an excellent way to put a personality to your brand and build rapport.

Show your Gratitude to Loyal Customers

According to statistics, your existing customers account for 20% of your sales.

So it’s important that you show your longtime customers appreciation.

A great way to show gratitude to new and existing customers is to reward customer loyalty.

You can do this by offering exclusive discounts and specials or even creating a loyalty reward program where customers earn points as they shop.

Another efficient way to show appreciation is to include a handwritten thank you note customer purchases.

A handwritten thank you note is genuine and a brilliant way to keep your brand fresh on your customer’s mind while influencing their decision to buy from you again.

Offer Products and Services as Solutions

Customers are more likely to support a brand that provides useful products and services. And a product or service is considered useful if it solves an issue.

Marketing your product as a solution to your target market will help with building trusting relationships because you’ll make clear how they can benefit from using your products.

To add to the trust your customers have in your brand, offer a risk-free guarantee. This way your customers feel more confident using your product or service.

Survey Customers

It is important to survey your customers so that you learn what their wants and needs are and figure out how you can cater to them.

Surveying your customer’s will make them feel valuable to your brand and they will appreciate that you care about their buying experience with you.

You can inform customers of your survey by sending them handwritten cards inviting them to take part.

On your handwritten invites, be sure to offer an incentive for taking your survey to encourage more customers to participate.

The information you gather can be useful in building relationships with your existing customers. You’ll also learn what is needed to attract new clientele.

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