4 direct marketing ideas to increase new client loyalty

How to Build New Client Loyalty


Attracting new clients is important to business owners looking to build their brands and client lists. The best way to do this is by focusing some of your attention on new client loyalty. You want to make sure that after you’ve attracted new clients and they make a purchase that they return to purchase from you again.

According to statistics, return clients contribute to 20% of a business’s sales. So making sure that new clients become loyal clients is significant. Here are four direct marketing ideas to use to increase new client loyalty.

Send Thank You Notes

Start your relationship with new clients on the right foot by sending handwritten thank you notes whenever new clients make purchases from you. Doing this will build new client loyalty due to the personal nature of handwritten thank you notes. It will also reduce the amount of returns and requests for refunds for your products or services. On your thank you note, address your new client by their first name and mention briefly why you are sending them a thank you note. Ideally, your thank you note should be sent along with their first purchase.

Give Special New Client Offers

New clients typically feel more inclined to try a new company if there are incentives. Build new client loyalty by offering new clients special offers like one-time discounts on products or free-trials on services. Special offers for new clients work great because they encourage new client loyalty by offering risk-free options in the form of discounts. Your new clients are always looking for deals and ways to save, so you will be catering to a want.

Handwrite Letters Offering related Products or Services

Increase your sales and new client loyalty by handwriting letters offering relative products or services to new clients. To ensure that your new clients know of other products and services that you offer and that they can benefit from, let them know about them via a letter. Because your letter will be handwritten it will be perceived more like a letter from a friend and less like a letter from a brand wanting to just sell them something. Your letter should mention their previously purchased item before mentioning related products. The handwritten letter should also mention how the reader will benefit from using the suggested products or services.

Request Testimonials

Testimonials work great for both new clients and business owners. Clients love sharing their experience with products and services and if they benefited from them their reviews can be worth their weight in gold. Testimonials help businesses because it’s free promotion and can be included in future direct mail to give new clients an idea of how your clients are benefiting from your products or services today. You can request a testimonial by handwriting a personalized URL on a yellow sticky note and attaching it to a letter for your client to see and act on.

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