4 creative marketing ideas you can use in your next direct mail campaign

Choosing  Creative Marketing Ideas That Work


Studies show that over 95% of handwritten envelopes get opened when compared to envelopes that contain printed fonts. Now more than ever, business owners are turning to creative marketing ideas to connect with existing and potential clients. And one of those creative marketing ideas are handwritten direct mail.

Creative marketing ideas are being used more often due to the rise in junk mail that typically utilize printed envelopes. Mail recipients are getting smarter when it comes to categorizing junk mail, and any mailings that resemble junk mail are likely to end up in the trash.

Here are some suggestions on how you can use creative marketing ideas in your next campaign.

Handwrite Everything on your Envelope

Because handwritten envelopes stand out in a pile of mail, be sure to handwrite everything on your envelope. Refrain from using pre-printed return addresses as it can be perceived as impersonal. Similarly, handwrite your call-to-action or your offer on the face of the envelope. This will encourage curiosity in your recipient, resulting in your envelope getting opened.

Utilize Yellow Sticky Notes

Write your call-to-action on a yellow sticky note to get your recipient’s attention. You can attach the sticky note to your sales letter or you can place your sticky not on the outside of the envelope. Your clients will take notice of your sticky note thanks to its popular use for jotting down important reminders. You can also use your sticky note to include your offer or even show what others are saying about your company via a testimonial.

Use Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is a creative form of marketing that offers you a way to include personalized messages in your direct mail. It allows you to communicate better with your target market by personalizing your greeting and offer. This can include using specific images, languages, or even your clients name so that you can keep their attention long enough to deliver your offer. Consider using VDP as one of your creative marketing ideas to significantly increase your response rates.

Handwrite your Sales Letter on Yellow Letter Paper

To connect better with clients, take a personal approach by sending a sales letter that has been handwritten on yellow letter paper. Handwritten letters are very rare to find in today’s sales climate and will make your communication seem less like a sales letter and more like a personal letter from a brand your recipient can trust. If your product or service is of interest to your consumer and you include an intriguing letter that tells your recipient how they will benefit from using your product or service, your yellow handwritten letter will be a hit and will increase your response rates among existing and potential clients. Whether you want clients to make a purchase or call for more information, include an incentive in your letter to encourage clients to act on your call-to-action. It could be a free consultation, sample of your product or even a special discount.

Consider using these creative marketing ideas in your next direct mail campaign and watch your response rates soar.

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