Our Promise: BPWELL (b-well)

B – be true to self and others

P – provide exceptional customer support, and do it…

WELL– while enjoying life in love

Friends that decided to write

Love started it all…

The unique story that sparked Letter Friend actually started with my best friend falling in love. A few years ago he fell in love with a girl that came to visit Brooklyn NY from Sydney Australia. They could not be apart from each other, decided to get married and move to Australia. I was left to think of ways to stay in touch.

I wanted to stay in touch but not through email and thought there was no better way to contact him than with a handwritten letter. It would be so unexpected and personal and just what I wanted, so I sat down and began writing.

The experience of writing that letter to my friend brought me some really great feelings and memories, I could not remember the last time that I had written a letter. I could only imagine my friend’s reaction at receiving a stamped, hand addressed envelope and letter instead of an ordinary and impersonal e-mail. The idea was born. Why not get people to start writing? it feels so right!

Several months later… Letter Friend came about. First, it was an attempt to get people writing again, but as we moved further along the process, Letter Friend quickly switched direction and turned into a handwritten letter service.

Today, Letter Friend focuses on helping businesses acquire new clients in ways that would establish brand loyalty, repeat sales and long lasting relationships. And we do it with Love and BPWELL in mind.

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