Send Handwritten Letters, Cards & Thank You Notes in Bulk.

Letter Friend lets you send personalized, handwritten letters in large or small quantities. We handwrite, lick stamps, and even mail the letters for you.

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handwritten envelope & letter

A Complete Handwritten Mail Solution

handwritten letters - print & cursive

Handwritten Letters & Notes

Our team of professional writers handwrite each letter and note with beautiful, easy-to-read handwriting. We don’t use fonts or machines – each one is written by hand.

handwritten envelopes - choice of color

Handwritten Envelopes

To get your mail opened 99 times out of 100, we handwrite all addresses (return and sender) and use a live first-class stamp on every envelope.

mailering & printing servicesMailing & Printing

Have your campaign mailed from our offices here in New Jersey. Or we can send the letters to you, stuffed and ready to mail yourself. We also print any material you want included.

Handwritten Extrashandwritten sticky notes

Instead of a fully handwritten letter, we can write a personal memo or sticky note for your printed letter and make it really stand out.

I was able to work with Eldar at Letter Friend and sent out 2,000 mailers. The order consisted of hand-written addresses, first class stamp, three letter size inserts, hand-written memo sticky post-it, business cards, and custom envelopes. I sent all the materials except the stickies, envelopes, and first class stamp. Even with all of the moving parts, the Letter Friend vendor and their specialist Eldar still exceeded my expectations. With so much at stake and an opportunity to do it right once, Eldar provided the responsive and professional partnership that I needed. He was very experienced and provided very good feedback and suggestions. The mailer campaign was very profitable and I am poised to continue with future orders.
Ty Cabalsi, California Mortgage Advisors
Anatoliy is our account manager. The team and I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for your excellent and expedient service for our direct mail campaign. Your team's work was above and beyond extraordinary. You paid attention to every detail - and there were alot! - and we expect great response from the handwritten, personalized notecard campaign.

Thank you for being a vendor we value and trust.

Sarah Leverette, Burdette Ketchum
The need was for hand-written envelopes and personalized post-it notes. Our campaign was aggressive. I emailed the list of addresses with the personalized notes with a Word document with the letters to print. We sent Letter Friend the company envelopes, letter head to print and post-it notes. The mailings were from 1000 to 1500 addresses and messages (3-4 mailings in total). Letter Friend was able to meet our aggressive deadlines and would email photos of the envelopes and post-it notes. They were also very honest when our deadline was a little too aggressive as it would hinder the product going out the door. We are grateful for Letter Friend with their being in constant communication with us along with the abundance of calls that came in from companies who had received the mailings. We were very pleased with their work and would ask them to work with upcoming campaigns if the personalization was needed in the mailings!
Jen Schmidt, TDS Telecom

Here´s How It Works…

how letter friend works

Businesses We’ve Helped Launch Handwritten Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Loan Officers
  • I.T. Companies
  • Telecom Service
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Rehab Centers
  • Moving Companies
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Startups
  • Doctors
  • Wedding Planners
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Financial Advisors

Frequenty Asked Questions

Are the letters handwritten by real people?
Yes – we have retired teachers and artists on our staff that handwrite each envelope, note and letter. No fake handwriting fonts or machines are used.

Do you supply the stationery, affix stamps and mail the letters too?
Yes – we are a full handwritten letter service and fulfillment house. We supply the stationery, handwrite the envelopes and letters, print any material you want included, stuff the envelopes, affix the stamps and mail them to your list from our offices in New Jersey. Of course, you can customize any part of this process. For eg., you don’t require us to mail the letters – no problem, we mail them back to you so you can mail them yourself.

What’s the average turnaround time?
We average 3-4 days from receiving all requirements to mailing out the letters.

Can I personalize each handwritten letter?
Yes – our writers can personalize each letter, sticky note or memo with your customer or prospect’s name.

Can I choose a different style or color of handwriting?
Yes – you can choose cursive or print style, and any color you want.

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