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We provide handwritten services to increase sales.

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Handwritten Envelopes

real handwriting, no fonts. fast turnaround!

We fold, stuff content, and hand affix a live stamp! Your choice- send us your stationary, or have us print it and then personalize it! We get started as soon as you send us your list.

Handwritten envelopes

personal handwritten sticky notes

Sticky Note message

Personal message and call to action!

Make your direct mail marketing campaign stand out with our personal handwritten sticky notes. Perfect for attaching to your letter, make your clients read the sticky note with a catchy punchline and increase your response rates.

Letters, Cards and Notes

relationships, returning clients, much appreciation

Build long lasting relationships with personal notes, letters and thank you cards. Increase number of returning customers, and build strong relationships with clients.

handwritten letter service

Handwritten Envelopes

Letter Friend provides a Handwritten Letter Service. Our service turns your direct mail campaign into a more efficient way to advertise. Reach your audience and make sure the Handwritten Envelopes are opened, and read. Resulting in high Return On Investment.

The truth behind any successful campaign is authenticity and originality. You can have the perfect message, idea and all the eye candy graphic/design in the world, but never get a response rate that you are looking for.  With hand written envelopes or hand addressed letters you can ensure that the receiver will in fact open your envelope and read it. This is because people continue to strive  for personalized attention. With handwritten letters, or even envelopes you make it personal.

The facts about Handwritten Envelopes and Letters handwritten envelope quote

  • Your company, or message will stand out.
  • Your Handwritten Letter or Hand Addressed Envelope will have a higher chance of being opened and read.
  • High ROI (Return on Investment)

Letter Friend is a great source to accomplish the things you need for your personalized letter campaign. Feel free to Contact Us for a quote.